Highend on the road…

AK 240-66…is quiet a challenge. Most portables are carrying inbuilt DACs which are not really state of the art. The impedance matching with headphones in most cases is also an issue. The AK 120 using two Woolfson DACs provides quite a good sound. Nevertheless I was not satisfied with the result of the Master Tape Copies I had transferred to microSD cards and put into the AK`s slots.

When looking at headphone amplifiers with an inbuilt DAC you usually end up with an USB DAC. There are good ones, also affordable ones like the Ifi Nano which is able converting DSD and DXD formats. But most units don`t have an optical input, cannot take the digital signal of my AK 120.

Teac 7

The TEAC HA-P50 has an optical input, does take S/PDIF signals, and also offers a microUSB and USB input. It works with 24bit/192 KHz and therefore is the ideal candidate bringing my 24 bit/192 KHz files from the Tascam recorder to blossom. And this is indeed what he does!!!

Teac 8

Connected with the Bayerdynamic T-5p headphone the sound you hear via the TEAC  is astoninglishy deeper and better structured than from the AK itself. For me it is a revelation.

Teac 9

The TEAC`s battery lasts at least 12 hours, the AK`s battery needs to be charged much earlier. On one 32GB micro SD card I do record over 12 hours music in a High Definition Format.

The sound is just great and really High End… on the road

Teac 10

5 thoughts on “Highend on the road…

  1. David,
    it is and will be always a matter of dealing with digital formats or not. When you are travelling a lot and you do prefer listening to “your music” abroad rather than enjoying other music I guess there is no other way. Also regarding the improvements which are made by Hires formats the quality matter is no more a question believe it or not.
    It may be masochistic but it may be also a lot of fun while listening to your tapes recording on a Hires format at the same time. It is just a button you need to press – at least in my installation.
    what about your button? 🙂


    • Hi EE,
      Just noticed you reply, for me Pandora & iPhone do the trick. I guess after spending hours on end working at the computer and listening to Pandora, I’m just used to it.


  2. I wonder if all the effort is warranted to begin with. First it’s all digital and there’s no cure for that disease. 2nd from experience I know that there’s a discernable degradation in SQ as soon as you use a digital drive for source. 3rd you have to deal with batteries and chargers for this on top of all you need to deal with for your phones, tablets and computers. Not to mention the extra carrying weight, space requirements and time and effort it takes to transfer all those files to the portable drive. I know that as audiophiles we have masochistic tendencies but this is out there, at least for me.


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