The Trumpet from Mars…

FullSizeRender (2)… as some friends call the high frequency/ super tweeter on top of the BV 8X by TAD/Exclusive. In fact it looks like a species from a different planet. Does it sound like that?

Yes and No!  But it is hard to describe as this 4 way horn system, including a large field coil bass driver of SupraVox, provides so many possibilities catering to the needs of the listener.

I was advised using the Fostex attenuators for adjusting the three TAD drivers.BV 88 DRIVERS – a good choice!




2 thoughts on “The Trumpet from Mars…

  1. hi very very nice system !!! impressive design!
    how do you manage the midbass, below the tad horn..?
    xover point’s?
    I have a similare project, vitavox based ( s2 + ak 152)

    best regrd’s


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