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DSC09893_1using quite some “Mono Instruments” in my analogue chains I got excited by the idea trying a Pierre Clement cart. My blog partner went some steps ahead and gave me valuable inputs. Today was the day, how does it really sound? Preconditions are not that easy as you need at least restored units by Monsieur Bernard. Everything else I regarded as too risky.



The table is a H4L7 with a Clement L7 (so called Schlumberger) tonearm, the carts are a L7b for 33 (red) and a L7b for 78 rpm (silver).

As the turntable was revised I did only little adjustments like adding a new power cord.

Connected to the MM input of the EMT JPA66 phono stage ( and preamp) I wasn’t expecting too much as I was told the table is a more or less simple design, the carts do have a huge output voltage and should work only with a matching phono stage, at best a unit of the good old times.

So I was really surprised at a first fast appraisal listening to an magnificent, earthbound and firm sound. Obviously the EMT matches the PC perfectly. I presumably need more sessions to come to a final assessment but now I do understand the many praises of the spDSC09895_1ecial and amazing Pierre Clement sound.


2 thoughts on “more Clement

  1. 日本からです。私は、アームは限りなく動かないほど重くしなければと、500グラムぐらいの錘をヘッドシェルに追加して聞いてます。その音はCDよりも静かです。ちなみに私も16Aを使ってます。愛知県、近藤


    • This is google translation from the Japanese

      This is from Japan. The arm is heavy enough to move as much as possible, I have heard by adding a weight of about 500 g to the head shell. The sound is quieter than the CD. By the way, I am also using the 16A. Aichi Prefecture, Kondo


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