Sony Reloaded

recently experimenting with some good Sony carts running on my Sony PS-X9 I now went for two other cartridges:  The Ikeda 9Rex Kiwami and the Miyabi Standard. The results are overwhelming stating that when all matching parameters are nearly perfect this vintage direct drive is able delivering a very fine sound !

Sony reloaded 1Sony reloaded 2Sony reloaded 2b

Sony reloaded 3

TT:  Sony PS-X9;  Phonopre:  Zanden 1200 MK II  MM; Cables: Valhalla, Crystal Cable Dream; Pre: Audio Research 40 Anniv; Amps: WAVAC 833 MKII; Speakers & Sub: Bavarian Voice 88;  Power Supply: Audio16

– Ikeda 9Rex Kiwami with Step Up Kondo KSL SFz

– Miyabi Standard with Step Up Fidelity Research AGT-5X

2 thoughts on “Sony Reloaded

  1. Stefan,
    The Sony carts are very well matching the PS-X9. The XL 55 Pro, XL 88, XL 88D are vintage Sony carts when coming in a good condition you will enjoy them enormously, producing a warm and lush tone especially with good rock pressings. I prefer using the XL 88 in the SAEC WE 8000, the other two in a FR-66s.

    The Miyabi and the Ikeda Kawami are also pretty nice matchings with the PS-X9. I would vote for the Miyabi Standard in this combination. The Kawami is quite difficult in adjusting and getting matched, it needs patience.


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