Green Ruby

after a weekend full of Pierre Clement experiments (getting into the direction of High End…😉) here is another adventure:

a real, over 20 years old Kiseki Agaat Ruby catridge! While the headshell is only camouflage – pls. compare the Kanjis – this beautiful sounding cartridge is not to be mistaken as one coming from the revival company.

K 1

The original thin Agaat stone encompasses the motor and magnet. The Ruby 4.5. is carrying a special SACO magnet 3 times the size used in other cartridges of that period. This gives the Kiseki Agaat Ruby a 35 % higher output compared to the Kiseki Blue or the Kiseki Purpleheart.

Internal impedance is 42 Ohm.  As I am experimenting at the moment my Tango MCT-999 transformer being connected at the 40 Ohms position (1:10 ratio) seems to be a perfect matching partner. There might be other options, I will check.

As the “green jewel” is in a wonderful condition I am enjoying music in a way I wouldn’t have expected it. Now I need finding out who built these wonderful cartridges, Mr. Goro Fukado or Mr. Goro Fukuda? 😅
And what about a Kiseki Lapis Lazuli, the queen of MC carts, price when new 100K, oh no…



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