Neumann Mikes


A good friend of mine is working with these rare, exceptional and costly microphones.
These are beauties – not only at looking…

Neumann KM54 (Telefunken branding)
Neumann M50 (Telefunken branding)
Neumann M50
Telefunken ELA-M 250
Neumann CMV 5/b with M7 lollipop capsule
Siemens SM204 (rare version of the AKG C12 with the first, bigger transformer)
2x Neumann KM56
Telefunken M280 N (almost identical to KM84)
Neumann KM84



Micro 2Micro 3Micro 4

P1003538-01.jpegMicro 5Micro 6bkm84-01 (1)

2 thoughts on “Neumann Mikes

  1. Eckart,
    Do you do any live recording? One would be surprised how good a recording can be made with a couple of well placed mikes and a high speed reel to reel.
    Small venues, jazz trios, solo artist. One can make amazing masters with just a little effort and practice. Even expanding and using a small mixing board.
    These are truly an amazing collection of the finest microphones. I often use a couple of old Sony’s or Audio Technica’s with excellent results.


  2. Norman,
    Most audiophile lovers are enjoying music by their excellent systems. When you are approaching them with your idea of recording in one’s own home environment they might answer “whom and which instruments should I record?”
    When I started to fall in love with my Neumann M149 and displayed it here I was asked if I am intending re-recording my vinyl in Mono? No, I am using it for vocals, singing.
    You are giving the right answers and do motivate me continuing on this path. I will use the R2Rs but also the TASCAM DSD for mobile recording and there will be a new role for the M149. Now I need looking for fine vintage Stereo mikes. The story goes on…


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