6 thoughts on “Birthday Present

  1. Thanks Eckart for the info! Does it make a huge difference? Just got the ORB Audio DF-01iA disc flattener and I am looking forward to the results – nowadays even high quality pressings do not offer the flatness they should have after coming out of the factory. Regards, Markus


  2. Markus, it is a matter of modern process runs when we get the vinyl not well flattened nowadays. Because of that we see a new industry starting like ORB, Furutech or the new FLAT. The latter one also comprises relaxing, or what we are calling disc demagnetizing.

    The new Vinyl Cleaner Pro btw. cleans and drys pretty well, a big step forward!



  3. Markus, just received “Men at Work” MFSL LP (1st). It was terrible looking and let my carts jump all the way up and down. You could hear it. Just put it in the ORB and demagnitized it later on. This is a difference now!



  4. Hello Eckart, I just received my ORB disc flattener this weekend from my trusted dealer. First results with absolutely terrible looking Vinyl is simply breathtaking – even heavily warped discs are now flat again. I am really happy to have bought the machine and there is (unfortunately) more vinly to follow that needs to be “ironed”. Still I am not happy, that the industry is not able to deliver flat records as in the good old days – especially if buying audiophile records this is simply not acceptable!

    As a washing machine I am using a Nessie Vinylmaster with Vinylin fluid – results are really good and handling is perfectly easy!


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