It was quite a selection of the best matching NOS-tubes in my EMT 139a phono pre (shown with it’s side on the right lower part) establishing a well adjusted vintage dream team: Western Electric Step Up Transformer 618b,  Ortofon RMA 297 tonearm, Neumann DST62, EMT R80 turntable leading to the modern EMT-JPA 66 pre and the WAVAC amps.


This combination plays in a beautiful and harmonious way. Do not think you will hear a rusty and cloudy sound – not at all! In the beginning you will liston to a basic small noise due to the vintage design of the phono pre despite nearly all of it’s important parts have been exchanged with modern electronics. Nevertheless you could also exchange resistors etc. to bring down the noise volume a little. The noise does not overrun the sound in any case. The austenitic stainless steel case contributes…

With the music starting you will never have the idea that you hear a vintage line, every detail is precisely met, the sound is warm and catching you from the beginning.

FullSizeRender (3)_1490456465459

Just a Dream for a 100′ bucks (without the amps and speakers)…



One thought on “Vintage-phono-part

  1. Hello!
    I have a dualmono set with separate PSU, similar to yours. However mine are SR modifierad with 804 tubes instead of transformers and I have a hum issue. As I have hum also when testning in my 927 it must be something wrong in the 139s! Do you have any idea?


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