The Vinyl Sessions 01/14

A96C4825-01.jpegDSCF1135-01On the LP taking half of the space on the EMT you discover a direct cut in the middle of the LP. What we are seeing here is avoiding any “hard zones” for the cartridge, just printing where we do not see geometrical problem fields. A superb playback as you may imagine! Jazz with 4 instruments.



3 thoughts on “The Vinyl Sessions 01/14

  1. Eckart,
    You know I have a soft spot for thr EMT. Still working out few things with mine, but loving the playback nonetheless. Currently using a 1966 Denon 103 with a SME 3012 (series one). The gentlemen who restored the 927 said that this is not the proper tonearm for this turntable. I have heard that Thomas Schick tonearm is a good match. Do you have a favorite arm that you would suggest for stereo playblack? Remember I am missing the 139st.

    Wonderful post as always. Thank you for sharing!



  2. Norman,
    Well well, you’re absolutely right. When you see the table with my other arm, the 297, you will easily understand why I had to change the arm a little. The Neumann DST 62 is running with 6 p. No problem about this. Everyone today thinks this is like a knife cutting into the grooves. No, it is not. But, when you are running with such a load you need to have a proper weight. This is what makes the difference.



  3. Norman,
    You need to have Ortofons or EMT tonearms. Schick is a pretty easy approach for some but not for me. I hear the tonearm! You do not believe me? The old arms with their sometimes good wiring I do prefer. You’ll see the original SME I with a true mono line on the R 80. That’s what I like!



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