Heavenly Pure Sound


The previously displayed system : preamplifier SRM  007tII with Tungsram 6CG7 tubes, Sennheiser Orpheus HE60 and Wadia 781i (including SACD) providing a nice sound when I am reading etc.

Cables are balanced Purist Audio Auctorita.

Now exchanged with a little better system 🤣

I have approached this way of listening to my favourite music in many different ways. A great help for me was my Polish friend Wiktor from which I got my Baby Orpheus. Also my partner on buying High End items near Straubing provided me with a fantastic Stax system (No. 2000), nearly the ultima ratio.

In the Sennheiser design we see an electrostatic converter delivering the signal to a Cool Class-A MOSFET amplifier directly placed in the ear cup, a world premiere.


Curious as I am I never stopped continuing that way and finally have arrived at the real Top High End Solution in headphone design. It is a wonderful sound, relaxing and arriving somewhere else…


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