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  1. E.
    Like you, I have thousands of LP’s , most were purchased used. I have cleaned everyone of them using a homemade record cleaning formula that I found in the December 1996 Stereophile magazine.

    My Records are so silent visitors are astonished when the see me flip one over to the other side, most thinking that I was playing a CD.

    After reading about your record cleaning machine I have often wondered how much improvement there would be, and have considered purchasing one from the many positive reviews by other users who speak not only of cleaner records but much improved dynamics.

    This however is something I have never heard of. I am guessing that demagnatizing eliminates a magnetic field that could either ‘pull, or repel’ the cartridge from the record itself?

    Can you hear a difference after demagnatizing? I have a commercial hand held demagnatizer that is often used to erase reel to reel tapes. I wonder if this would work on my LP’s?

    Is that a first pressing Rush 2112? =)

    Excellent post.. Off to do some research.



  2. Norman,
    The demagnetizer for tape heads on RtR or Cass might be too strong or you may not get a covered field for a record side when touching it. I always thought I hear a difference after demagnetizing a record. Need to check it again. In the case of washing machines I really can hear a difference, also on dynamics. Sometimes when my VinyCleaner Pro is not the proper measurement (in 90% it is!) I also use my other point to point cleaner which extracts nearly everything.
    The Rush 2112 three-LP 200-gram 40th anniversary vinyl edition is incorporating all of the audio material, plus a special laser-etched LP side.



  3. Furthermore electrostatic charge effects vinyl records in two ways :
    1) It attracts dust and small particles like hair that soil the record.
    2) Some times static electricity discharges via the cartridge and gives a nasty pop in the loudspeakers.
    As for those that believe that the charge is strong enough to mess with the ”readability” of the cartridge is like you believe you can change the course of earth by kicking the ground.
    enough said.


  4. Analog planet has an excellent article on demagnatizing records from December 26, 2015. It’s certainly worth reading and has me looking into hearing a demo.



  5. Very helpful Norman and g.manios.
    Now one last question: use it on both sides or at only one side?



  6. Hallo together!
    I also read the article on stereophile about the Furutech demag and started experimenting. i use a unit from Müter for demagnetizing tv-crts. That one I connected to a variac. The process is: Put the record on the Müter, start with 0 V AC, turn up the voltage to 230 V AC (slowly) turn it back to 0 V AC. Turn over the record and do the same procedure. It gives an audible improvement in sound. There are some magnetic materials in vinyl records ( from the color ; vinyl is colorless and the black color is added and some small residue from the stampers).
    Best regards


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