Palladian on AirLine

checking with the developer I put the Acoustical Systems Palladian cart, one of my favorites, in the Kuzma AirLine tonearm. Herbert Grönemeyer´s new LP Tumult is on. The line exists of the Fidelity Research AGT-5x SUT via the EMT-66 phono pre (mm) to the WAVACs. The sound is full and rich, the Palladian reaches his best…

Again I love this wonderful tonearm, the AirLine, paired with an equivalent matching cart is in my perception one of these arms you will never give away.






One thought on “Palladian on AirLine

  1. when I saw the Palladian in the beginning with the cart wires hanging around smoothly I remembered a hint of Dietrich Brakemeier saying: By drilling the wires you will protect of RF and HF crossfeed, and you increase (considerably) the capacity (pF) of the tonearm cable as well as lowering the channel separation simultaneously.

    So I did…


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