Jazz of the Twenties

a completely underrated Instrumental Jazz Album of the 20ies by the Bryan Ferry Orchestra shocked me completely. Yes, it is music as it could have been 100 years ago. On the other hand the swing is so modern and wonderfully played by the musicians Bryan selected for this album, comprising 13 songs from his work during his band and solo years.

When I visited a Bryan Ferry concert last summer at the well known open stage of Thurn & Taxes in Regensburg, Bavaria, I could get a feeling what this kind of an old gentleman is able to play.

At the Movie Series Babylon Berlin he played a singer acting at the famous Moka Efti Jazz Club in Berlin, the Berghain of the 20ies of the last century. His song is so compelling. You need to hear it, as is the whole swing music on this fantastic 3 Lp collection.

2 thoughts on “Jazz of the Twenties

  1. Dear Eckart,

    thanks so much for this tipp “The Jazz Age” – excellent music and so much fun listening to! I was lucky to get one of the few left pressings for a very reasonable price…

    Thanks for all your posts….it’s a pleasure to look at!




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