Kiseki Agaat

This is an over 25 years old Kiseki Agaat Ruby catridge! While the headshell is only camouflage – pls. compare the Kanjis – this beautiful sounding cartridge is not to be mistaken as one coming from the revival company.

The original thin Agaat stone encompasses the motor and magnet. The Ruby 4.5. is carrying a special SACO magnet 3 times the size used in other cartridges of that period. This gives the Kiseki Agaat Ruby a 35 % higher output compared to the Kiseki Blue or the Kiseki Purpleheart.

Internal impedance is 42 Ohm. My Kondo MC transformer being connected at the 3 Ohms position seems to be a perfect matching partner. 

As the “green jewel” is in a wonderful condition I am enjoying music in a way I wouldn’t have expected it. I bought this beautiful cartridge for a higher price than the usual price listed. Especially rock music is transported in an elegant but harmonious and powerful direction.

4 thoughts on “Kiseki Agaat

  1. Dear Mr. Eckart,
    When Kiseki was introduced in the market I was 22.
    Even if Dynavector Co. doesn’t officially admit, they were the ones that made real the ingenious intuition of the flamboyant dutch entrepreneur… Without shadow of doubt he made something unique by mixing the best at that time in terms of technical, artistic and giving a final touch of superstitious allure by inventing the fictional Mr. Fokadu…
    Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford those expensive cartridges…
    I was stubborn enough, through time, to collect some of these gems including the same Agaat green ruby and a LL diamond.
    I don’t play those cartridges.
    For me they are a work of art.
    I feel the same about the Miyabi cartridges made by the underrated and now sadly late Mr. Takeda.
    One thing I learned from the Miyabi’s design and it’s a simple thing: AlNiCo is the best magnet for MC cartridges no matter the cartridge price tag.
    This is just my personal and humble experience.
    Thank you for sharing your great & unique gems.
    All the best.


  2. In contradistinction to Alessandro I am convined that all Kiskis are designed
    by Kondo san. Kondo and van den Dunge were good friends . Friendship
    based on their ”obsession” with tube amps. Other friends from Japan are
    not known. Besides it is certain that all Kiseki transformers are designed
    by Kondo san. If those can be found one can get an ”real Kondo” trnsformer
    for a fraction of Kondo prices.


  3. If one look at Chinon Red boron (from Canada) one can see the same parts as by Kiseki.
    This means that one could buy parts by Dynavector as one can by Benz. Van den Hul,
    for example , buy all ”his parts” by Benz. But nobody would describe Van den Hul
    carts as Benz. So , sorry Alessandro but not you but I am right (grin).


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