Allnic 5000 DHT & Caeles II

The H5000 DHT is Allnic ´s reference phono stage and possibly the finest phono preamp the world has ever seen. This two chassis preamp represents the latest development in phono amplification.

I have never heard a sense of aliveness from vinyl like this under any circumstance. The Direct Heated Triode sound has a unique way with space and sound pressursation that is difficult to even put into words. Its a piece that will need some time to fully reveal its ultimate capability and to be completely understood.

I am enjoying the quietness and implicetness of this phono stage. I do own some other fine phonos like Boulder 2008, Kondo M7, Zanden 1200 MKII, EMT JPA 66, EMT 139a Dual Mono but this unit in combination with the Ceales II (new and better dampings, two new motors with tape) allows a perfect listening session.

2 thoughts on “Allnic 5000 DHT & Caeles II

  1. Dear.
    Also, I’m a proud owner of Allnic H-5000 and in my case, I upgraded intensively. In the power supplier, I am using WE-274B engraved, also changed the fuse by Synergistic Research, changed internal power cable and audio cable by Duelund. Changed coupling condenser by Duelund Ag, added several condensers making bypass, etc… with each upgrade, was possible to feel the improvement. As a line preamp, I’m using Allnic L-8000. Enjoying a lot your post.


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