In memory of Jimmy Cobb

He was the last member of the six musicians having played on „Kind of Blue“, one of the best selling Jazz albums.

as the drummer of the Miles Davis Group he played on various records but never gained the critical acclaim from Davis he deserved.

Jimmy Cobb has said to him the album sounds as characteristic of Evans as it does to Davis – that he assumed the concept behind „Kind of Blue“ grew out of the way the two played together.

I do own various pressings, also the Mono one – and excellent copies of the Master Tape.

Jimmy died on May 24th 2020.

My Mono SUT (modified Joerg Shou)
& two 139 A Mono units for the Stereo Signal of the Ortofon arm
my phono & preamp , EMT JPA 66

9 thoughts on “In memory of Jimmy Cobb

  1. Many tks for your post. Which mono pressing it’s? I have original Columbia stereo & mono six eyes, also MOFI stereo but not mono re-issue. Also I will appreciate in detail your mono system. Which one is mono SUT? Are you using from mono SUT to 2 x EMT-139A? Also I have EMT-927 and EMT-139ST. (not 139A) I’m, using at the moment Ortofon RF-297 without SUT (Tedeska mono MC cartridge) connected directly using mono switch of EMT-139ST. Really I love thru sound, I will appreciate to know how is possible to improve my system.


    • Hi,
      Yes, For the EMT Mono pick up I am using a Joerg Shou SUT, changed to Mono. So it is a True Mono signal going to the EMT 66 input. Sorry – the EMT139a I am using for the Stereo Signal of the Ortofon A95 going to the Western Electric SUT and into the other EMT 66 input. I mixed it up. If you have a good Mono pick up you should use a modified Mono SUT (e.g. Miyajima to get the true Mono sound). Better than using the switch at the preamp.
      I am using a Limited Edition Green Corner (Made in the EU) pressing, No 1946 of 3000. in 1958 they made Mono and Stereo recordings simultaneously.



      • Just for your reference also I have Allnic H-5000 and now I am using Clearaudio Statement/TT1 tonearm/Miyabi Stereo Cartridge and Thorens 124 MK II with German Norma Plinth/Norma Tone arm with Miyabi Mono cartridge all connected directly to H-5000 MC Input. If I use Miyajima Mono SUT, I have to connect from Thorens 124 MK II to Miyajima SUT -> H-5000 MM Input. In case of EMT-927 is little complicate, the Ortofon RF-297 is directly welded to EMT-139ST…
        I have second tonearm in EMT-927 for stereo pick-up, have used during long time FR-66 but now changed to SME-V/12, much, much better performance… (also connected to EMT-139ST with switch)


  2. I am using both MM inputs at the Allnic 5000. My R80 allows connecting different cables to the outside Phono preamp.



  3. Eckart,
    How thoughtful. As a former studio musician (drummer), I often wondered how Kind of Blue would have sounded if Philly Joe Jones had made the sessions?

    Both Evans and Cobb offered what I feel is the perfect supporting role for Miles modal jazz effort. Cobb, whom I seen tour with Sarah Vaughn in the late seventies, was without question one of the most talented drummers to come our of what was probably the most prolific period in jazz history.

    I always thought he would have played more with Evans, as the two complimented each other so well.

    Excellent post Eckart, and of course you are enjoying this Lp on the perfect “period” correct turntable and SUT.



  4. Norman,
    You have seen this grand old guy! Perfect.
    I assume Miles wasn’t really happy that Cobb said both, Miles and Evans, had the same input on the sessions. Miles wanted to show it was his project and he had the larger share.
    So what – we enjoy the music.



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