The Titan

The most expensive tonearm in the world…

The Axiom TITAN G.C. (for Grande Complication – derivated from the denomination of the most complex and finest wrist watches) is the flagship limited edition tonearm from the tonearm specialist acoustical systems/Germany.
Made from Titanium Timet 1100 for arm wand and all cnc’ed parts of the tonearm – bearing housing, VTA tower, mounting board etc – and Tungsten HD18 (for the counterweight) exlusively.Titanium being the material with the highest energy transfer rate of all possible materials for tonearm construction.
This – #10 of 22 – is a special sample here, which was made to my wish with SME-/EIA-adapter so I can use my selection of headshells and integrated cartridge in this new tonearm.The SME adapter allows for azimuth and overhang adjustement.
Which brings us direct to the next unusual and new array of features with this expensive tonearm.
All static and dynamic adjustements are made by micrometer drive with scale.Static VTF can be set with 1/500 gram precision with scale!Likewise dynamic – non-touch – VTF with 1/500 gram, VTA-tower height by 1/1000 mm (that‘s 1µm!!) precision, anti-skating by 1/500 mN.Also lateral balance – a rare feature in tonearms ourdays – is set by micrometer with scale.
This allows the dedicated user to fine-tune adjustment of any cartridge to a point never before possible – and repeatable (all settings being with read-out scale).
The picture is rounded up by aged pure silver lizt inner wiring and the unique ability to level tonearm bearing precisiely after mounting to ensure freedom from parasitic side forces due to not perfect level arm board.

Describing the sound I am hearing with the system, the tonearm and the cart I have to admit that never before I have heard such an energy transfer as with the new Axiom Titan installed on my Micro Seiki turntable.

The picture is very natural, dynamical and lively. I put Al di Meola ´s new Beatles record on the platter. Dear Prudence is such a beautiful Jazz modification I do enjoy it very much – by the system and the new tonearm.

The advantage for me is simply adjusting all parameters, reading all the scales and being able to quickly readjust the same cart at a later date in its optimum position without steering and listening around. No other tonearm I have seen in my long tonearm history can do this! This is very helpful for people owning more than the usual 2-5 carts.

I hear the arguments, „I do it by listening“ which I do in my first adjustment too. I am pretty sure you have different listening conditions the next time, and you may try it again…😂

7 thoughts on “The Titan

  1. Superb tonearm!
    With a VTA setting so accurate, you also have to buy a micrometer to measure the thickness of all your LP, write it in a notebook and adjust tonearm height differently for every record. 😉
    Cartridge alignment must be tricky on the tonearm installed on the front-right armboard of your MS, no?


  2. This piece of gear is simple gorgeous. Congratulations to the proud owner and the designer . . . well done Dietrich !!!


  3. Thanks Claudio,
    I thought my understanding of tonearms came to an end but when I installed the refurbished SpJ and now the Axiom Titan I experienced there is still some space to go. Nevertheless I am believing this time it could be a final decision – never heard such an energetic tonearm!!!



  4. Dante Choi,
    Absolutely! I know people in Bangkok using it quite some time, the standard Axiom on a 927.



  5. Love your blog so mutch 😉 thanks for sharing your Stuff with us 😉 don’t find that Tonarme in Google 😉

    Like to hear your system with the new arm 😉

    Best of all are the Speakers… looking awesome for „DIY“/ more than professional;)


    • Hi Xaver.
      The Axiom Titan Grand Completion is one of the latest designs Dietrich Brakemeier developed. It is just a different arm than the standard Axiom. I think they just need to rearrange their website to „show it ´s virtues“.

      The Bavarian Voice 8X is a mayor investment in time, fine ingredients and excellent work of the developer and carpenter. It sounds magnificent and comprises the benefits of horn systems as well as of designs of powerful speakers.

      Thanks for your compliments.



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