phono tube circuit

I put some work into the Zanden Phono 1200 MK II at the last weekend, cleaned all inputs etc., fixed my own carbon feet. The new 1200 Signature version which has recently showed up on the market is somehow improved (it comes with balanced outputs) and quite expensive. The Japanese phono is a completely different design than the Boulder 2800.

The 1200 is a Transformer coupled phono with actually four encapsulated transformers arrayed along the back of the input sockets providing two different gain settings for each channel. For low-output cartridges (with a 40 Ohm load – here my Goldfinger v2 in the Continuum Cobra tonearm) and the second one for higher output devices (my carts in the SAEC WE-8000 arm, e.g my Zyx Universe).

I just played Brad Mehldau ´s new solo LP (Suite April 2020) via the Zanden on my Continuum/Cobra table. The absolute clarity and subtleness with which you can hear the piano is fantastic. This phono is made for acoustical music, classic and Jazz!

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