A wonderful Sony High End product MDS JA 50ES I found in my storage, in perfect condition. I have not used it since a while. Maybe I would sell it for a small price. A checkup in my electronic repair shop should be possible.

This beautiful vintage tuner I organized for my friend in Paris/Belleme. Nice sound!

3 thoughts on “Nostalgica

  1. Eckart,

    My favorite part of this post is “I found in my storage”. I have been cleaning out my storage over the last few years, rediscovering treasures. Listening to them all for a bit before finding them a new home.

    One such that I had forgotten about is my marantz 24 preamp/tuner. It has a lovely voice and replaced my favorite McIntosh C-26, now somewhere in Southern Illinois.

    I often miss the pieces that I sell, like my Sansui 9090DB, 3300, 5000x, receivers and countless tape decks, amps and preamps. I think the only piece I have never missed is my Linn Sondek LP12. =)

    The Sony is an excellent player Eckart. Maybe one to keep for a second system?



    • Norman,
      Marantz 24, beautiful item. I sold a Magnum Dynalab MD 108 to Switzerland. Got a Rhode & Schwarz BN 1508 for my friend in Paris/Belleme. Put an image on the thread. Still have a perfect working Fisher 200 B in my storage ❤️. Used to be a great niche. Maybe selling to Asia.
      Yes, Norman I may keep the MD player for my second system. Good idea!



      • Norman,
        the unit came back from maintenance. Everything is perfect! Sounds astonishingly good.
        Ok, today we have micro SD cards with SACD signal stored on it. But this kind of Mini Disc recording was really good, unfortunately it did not live for a long time…



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