A wonderful Sony High End product MDS JA 50ES I found in my storage, in perfect condition. I have not used it since a while. Maybe I would sell it for a small price. A checkup in my electronic repair shop should be possible.

This beautiful vintage tuner I organized for my friend in Paris/Belleme. Nice sound!

2 thoughts on “Nostalgica

  1. Eckart,

    My favorite part of this post is “I found in my storage”. I have been cleaning out my storage over the last few years, rediscovering treasures. Listening to them all for a bit before finding them a new home.

    One such that I had forgotten about is my marantz 24 preamp/tuner. It has a lovely voice and replaced my favorite McIntosh C-26, now somewhere in Southern Illinois.

    I often miss the pieces that I sell, like my Sansui 9090DB, 3300, 5000x, receivers and countless tape decks, amps and preamps. I think the only piece I have never missed is my Linn Sondek LP12. =)

    The Sony is an excellent player Eckart. Maybe one to keep for a second system?



    • Norman,
      Marantz 24, beautiful item. I sold a Magnum Dynalab MD 108 to Switzerland. Got a Rhode & Schwarz BN 1508 for my friend in Paris/Belleme. Put an image on the thread. Still have a perfect working Fisher 200 B in my storage ❤️. Used to be a great niche. Maybe selling to Asia.
      Yes, Norman I may keep the MD player for my second system. Good idea!



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