True Mono on Pierre Clement

I received my PC table from the repair shop, now updated with a better power cable and some silver signal cables. All bearings needed to be lubricated. It runs now like at the first day 😄.

It is connected with the Monophonic at Low Gain and 30 Ohm which should be the best setting for PC carts. I was very curious to hear the difference to my other Mono carts, especially the Ortofon A Mono.

The sound is different, of course more earth bound, not muddy or reduced. Even the high tones are transported pretty well. The bass fundament is enormous. I know why many people love that kind of true mono sound despite you have excellent Mono carts today. The PC is run at 5 g.

2 thoughts on “True Mono on Pierre Clement

  1. E.,
    Yes! What a huge difference when lubing the motor, platter and motor bearings. This is something I do myself to my humble 1229 and 301 every few years. Keeps them dead silent and smooth.
    I think this is a lovely turntable. Well done!
    When you compare the cartridges, will you being moving a tonearm base over to the PC, so that you are using the same turntable?


    • N.,
      I am principally convinced that you need using the PC as a separate system. I have two more true mono chains running over the JPA 66 preamp as does the PC chain too. I am able to compare between the lines, also regarding the capability of the carts.
      Yes, taking care of our tables is important and needs some lubrication and all the other maintenance. Will be an ongoing process.


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