WE 618B

This is one of the finest SUTs made out of pure, precisely hand winded copper. The measurement at the test stand shows a transformation ratio of 1:20 and a frequency of 4 Hz to 16 Hz -3dB.
A real old Western Electric step up transformer of the 30ies in a new shielded body.

5 thoughts on “WE 618B

  1. Eckart,
    Fabulous! Is this used mainly with the EMT table and vintage cartridges, or have you tried this on other tables with modern cartridges? I am curious how it would respond when used in a modern setup?

    I have no such exotic SUTs. I have a mid seventies Ortofon STM-72 and an Audio Technica AT-630. The Audio Technica is much quieter than the Ortofon, as the Ortofon always seems to add a little buzzing sound. Drives me crazy. =)

    Excellent Post as always. Love the machined enclosure. Well done!



  2. Norman,
    Yes I use it after the EMT R-80 table and in front of the two EMT Mono 139 pres. It is then put to the EMT 66 preamplifier function.This is a „true“ vintage line. The sound is very warm and somehow you feel being hugged by the music.
    I used this SUT with some of my other tables, but found better matches with other SUTs.
    For the STM-72 the shielding is very important. Maybe you find a good matching box? It is said when you put a mobile near to it you have an impact on the sound.
    Looking forward hearing about your experiments.



  3. Eckart!
    Excellent, I will try using a box for shielding the STM-72. I have heard this noise in other STM-72’s as well. I would like very much to eliminate it, as I like the midrange of the STM-72 a little better than the Audio Technica AT-630.

    I love your description of your vintage line. I have been experimenting once again with various preamps, now back to the Marantz 7T, a very special unit in all original condition. I like it a little better than the 7 as the bass is more solid and not so soft. Of course it is getting difficult to find proper tubes for the 7, and this may be the issue I am having with it.

    I will call my audio guru and have him prepare a box for the STM-72. Thank you for the suggestion.
    I will be in touch!



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