Rejuvenating Cure

I exchanged my scale on the R 80. not that easy but manageable.

I also put in a new idler wheel – the black one. No spinning noise – nothing at all! Thanks to David who gave me the hint.

Now I guess I should exchange the oil and the gasket after 10 years of home usage. Will report.

In connection with my double mono 139 phono pre the sound is overwhelming!

5 thoughts on “Rejuvenating Cure

  1. Eckart,

    Love the photos! You know how I feel about this fabulous turntable. I wish I had the space to have kept mine. Why the new idler wheel? Was the bearing bad on the previous one? My table had its original idler wheel and it worked perfectly. I still have never heard a more dynamic turntable then the EMT.
    I am curious as to what type of oil you are using. When mine was restored the gentleman doing the work used a heavy thick synthetic oil. I actually believe it was a motor oil. In any event it was smooth and very quiet after start up.
    Excellent post!


    • Norman,

      Good to hear from you in the New Year. A dry spot on the idler wheel caused a very little noise.
      You could only hear it when you put the ear very close. Nevertheless you know my perfectionistic approach. I took a new idler wheel which I used to have as a spare part.
      Oil and measurement stick will arrive at me very soon.



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