Good Old Friends

From time to time I am walking through my depot. I found a Beomaster 8500 which I had repaired with good RCA outputs some days ago. I now need a proper system to bring it back to life, maybe a Soundsmith smmc4. I am curious how it will sound.

2 thoughts on “Good Old Friends

  1. Eckart,
    Ha! I am really getting close to just having “one” of everything I need. I recently sold my Marantz 7 and 7T and am down to just one amp, and preamp. I still have a few old gems that I cannot part with.

    I bet the little B&O sounds goods! It won’t replace the EMT, but those were really nice turntables. I remember that you were limited with cartridge selection correct? Only B&O cartridges would work.

    Still, I’m sure it’s a very respectable performer. What were your thoughts?
    Did you enjoy it? Or, is it headed for eBay?



    • Norman,
      I am waiting for my smmc4 from Soundsmith coming from the States. They are the only producer of the B&O cartridges. There is another company based in the Netherlands but I do know Soundsmith pretty well. Will let you know how it sounds. Maybe eBay?



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