Power Control

when building my listening room I thought a lot about power and distribution of power lines for my system. In the end I decided to put the main power line in a tube embedded in my ceiling. The huge mass of concrete covering the tube is a kind of isolation. The line runs via my ceiling into the main cable distribution box into a separate room, fully loaded with audiophile fuses.

At the end of the line going to my system you will see a Nordost Quantum Resonant Technology Q4 unit as well as a Vibex power distribution component. From here all my gear is powered.

the yellow cables are grounding cables going to the wall mounted grounding line.

2 thoughts on “Power Control

  1. It might be beneficial if You have dirty power in form of direct voltage in the powerline. Otherwise, I think it is a waste of money. I know that it is critical in the US, but not in Northern Europe. I might be wrong?


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