3 thoughts on “Inside of Continuum

  1. E.
    I seem to forget that the Continuum uses a pump for clamping the record. I have seen this table in years past at CES, and I don’t remember hearing the pump run. Is it silent? Can the table be used without running the pump? Does the pump clamping make a difference that you can hear?

    Excellent photos as always Eckart and these truly demonstrate the superb build quality of the Continuum. You should show the bearing which is most impressive on this table. Beyond my means, but so much fun to see and hear from time to time. I have always liked this one, and the Cobra arm fascinates me. Looking at it one would never know how good it sounds, with it’s most unusual design. I don’t believe Continuum builds anything of this quality today.

    Thanks so much for sharing!



  2. Norman,
    The pump is totally silent, no need to put it anywhere else. The resulting vacuum pulls the record down into a flat position. There is a difference to be heard by good ears as with you and me 😉, of course. There is no need to run it without pump! It is just pressing the pump button, than the speed button.

    The Continuum is one of the best modern tables ever build. Unfortunately the developer and technician who could be named as the father of the project, Marc Doehmann, who is now promoting his HELIX 3, left the company and the owners did not establish a comparable table also not providing a sufficient maintenance network.

    I will meet Mark next week in Munich at High End.
    The Continuum story has to be written one day.



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