6 thoughts on “Continuum Criterion

  1. I bought a Continuum Criterion about 6 months ago but only recently became aware of this website. Needless to say, you have a phenomenal collection of audio gear.

    I’ve owned a good number of turntables but the Criterion is easily the hardest one to set up and tweak. Given that the user manual was of little help, I would love to get some advice and tips from you on how you get it to sounds its best.


  2. I have found it difficult to find a source for making new armboards to allow me to try different tonearms.

    Do you have a trusted source?


  3. No, I have not. I put the Cobra arm on it, you may do this by also providing an additional part on the achses.



  4. Squasher, what you may do is building up an extra tonearm stand and put it behind the Criterion. You may also ask Continuum for another tonearm board without cut outs, so you may put it on the left side (everything is prepared) and use your tonearms.



    • Unfortunately, Continuum was not helpful in spite of my repeated emails to them. They stopped responding to my emails. I ended buying an armboard from SAT since they had designed an armboard to work with their tonearm and a Continuum Criterion.


  5. Not the best way of Continuum to help their customers. They are starting to sell a smaller table and showed it in Munich. Just imagine you would buy a new product by this company…
    I remember that Mike Fremer put a SAT arm on his Caliburn.
    Great you solved your issue!



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