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I was always looking for a device enabling me copying my tapes onto a microSD card for listening to the music from my mobile Astell & Kern 120. Of course going this way using some of the best digital formats of today, DSD 5.6 MHz, PCM 24/192 kHz etc.

Having been in touch with previous Tascam Master Recorders I now decided going for the Tascam DA-3000.tascam 9tascam 6tascam 2tascam 1








It works with up to 32GB SD  or micro SD cards, you cannot use 64GB SD or microSD cards. You also need to install the latest software of Astell & Kern putting the DSD reading format onto the 120.

Having connected the XLR balanced output cables from the Studer to the Tascam`s XLR input sockets everything runs smooth and easy. The menue is easy to follow. The recording procedure quite simple too. In the end the sound one gets from the A&K 120 in high definition resolution is very nice, a little different than from the Studer via the big sytem but…

tascam 0



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