4 thoughts on “Bavarian Voice 8X

    • Norman,
      The Bavarian Voice 8X is a complete different design to everything I had experienced before – only the trumpet remained as a nice memory of one of my visits to England. You are not the only one asking me “ Is it the same design as the Vox Olympian?” – No, it is not. Besides of two TAD Berrylium drivers all my drivers, including the Bass drivers, are of different design. The X-Over, the cabelling and even the boxes are different (I am also using Carbon), bigger than the Living Voice design. The Subwoofers are amp powered, the damping system is more complex etc. etc.



  1. Eckart,

    Thank you for the reply. I wasnt sure. I do remember you mentioning how you built th system. Maybe someday you can make a recording to share? =) This way we can at least get a taste of what you are hearing.



  2. Norman,

    ha, good idea. I am not sure if a recording will transport the sound properly? You have to keep in mind that the room acoustics are very special due to the design of the listening room. How shall I describe best? You may hear a very warm but also precise and in the bass range substancially well balanced sound. And you may also hear quite a dynamic and powerful sound especially when it comes to rock music, e.g. Pink Floyd – The wall.



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