Manley Chinook

Knowing Manley quite a time I was nevertheless  surprised how musically the small phonostage ChinoOK turns out to be. Even with the factory delivered Sovtek tubes you will not believe the results you may realize in a good environment. I do recommend going MM with excellent and matching SUTs for a 40 Ohm cart, like the SUTs Ortofon T1 or Kondo KSL. Okay these are expensive and make up more than the stage itself if you are able to find a good source.  Going for the next level of improvement I followed the advices of some audiophiles using  the Amperex 7308 tubes. And this makes again a difference.

I am working with lots of tubes but never have experienced such an enormous change to the warm side, more depth, a fully stable and powerful sound.  Being for sure not the first one  confronted with this outcome it seems to me that extensive dealing with this little lady does make sense…$_57 (1)_1Manley 1



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