Mono Trans

a monoraul step up transformer on which you can regulate gain and impedance in this way realizing the ideal frequency balance. Stereo is changed to monaural.

This is the ultimate Mono-SUT for everyone seriously working with Mono Vinyl especially when you are using true mono carts like the old bakalite monos of EMT and Ortofon. With this Mono-SUT you don`t need summarize via a Mono button at the preamp which is usually not the best way playing Mono…

a more detailed description:

we learn that we receive a signal by triple impedance in something about everything.
However, it is a true ideal to receive in about the same impedance.
200 of the input of ETR-MONO is approximately 37 Ω.
It is suitable for 37 Ω of EMT OFD25 perfectly.

The number of times is 7500 of the wounded coil because the OUTPUT of the transformer is matched with the phonostage of 47KΩ.
7500 / 200 = 37.5 times
When a stepup transformer changes the output of OFD25 into 37.5 times, it is difficult to receive a signal on a general phonostage.

When someone adjustes OUTPUT coil of ETR-MONO to 3000, the OUTPUT impedance of ETR-MONO is about 9KΩ.
The impedance switch of ETR-MONO can change the input impedance of the phonostage.
The impedance matching improves by matching an impedance switch with 10kΩ.
3000 / 200 = 15 times
Because ETR-MONO changes the output of OFFD25 into 15 times, the general phonostage can receive a signal.

ETR-MONO gives an impedance matching and the ideal ratio at the same time.

Mono SUT
















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