Mono Mono Part I

A96C1949a96c0002_1A96C0029-2EMT OFD-25 playing through a true mono Miyajima SUT enabling matching input and output coils in the best way posssible. Going this path the Mono signal (one side) will be transported on both channels without need pressing the Mono button at the preamp.IMG_1951A96C0002

6 thoughts on “Mono Mono Part I

  1. Can this mono Miyajima SUT be used with a Ortofon Cadenza Mono? I have hum with my Cadenza which I cannot seem to eliminate. I really don’t want to use Y connectors, and I don’t have a mono button.



  2. Paul,
    You do not need a Mono-button for the Cadenza as it’s signal is Mono linked (at output) via both channels.
    Hum may derive from many impacts. It might be better searching for the source of hum.
    Nevertheless in case you wanna eliminate the not signal carrying channel the ETR-Mono might be helpful.
    The Miyajima SUT puts the signal to one channel as it does the Andros Allasso via button (see: What I am convinced of).



    • Thanks for your reply.I searched for problems to eliminate the hum, changing wires, headshell, checked grounding and tried different schemes, but no luck. I was using the Cadenza Mono with different phono and t was quiet, I sold the phonostage and the phono I am using now I have now created hum. Any other cart used in the same arm and phono is quiet.


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