Many Paths

just put back the Kuzma Airline linear tracker having mounted a Zyx UNIverse playing via Kondo chain (KSL SFz, M7).
Listening to the new MFSL (Mofi) Miles Davis Nefertiti release and some other LPs. The sound is not like in the last picture of a famous Chinese city…


4 thoughts on “Many Paths

  1. I am in awe of your wonderful sound system. Really. As I read your many posts, I wonder if there will be a time when you settle in on ONE turntable, ONE tonearm, ONE cartridge, etc. I say this because I too was once like you, not so much with turntables (I once had three), but with amplifiers and preamps. So many! Changing all the time. What is funny to me, is now I am 53, and the system I have now is very close to the system I had back in 1978! I say to myself that I had it right the first time, and I wonder how much more time I could have spent listening to music and not changing my stereo year after year after year. I am selling off the last of my huge collection of amps and preamps.

    So I ask, is there just ONE table, arm and cartridge that is your favorite? One that you would be happy to use from now on?

    Thank you for such an enjoyable blog! I look forward to every post! All fun indeed!!!

    From Chicago


    • Norman,

      There are two bloggers here. I am the one that has one turntable, one but 3 cartridges, stereo, mono and 78’s.

      I will let my fellow blogger answer from his perspective and from his room.

      All fun….


  2. Hi Norman,
    with 53 it`s too early to have arrived! My blog partner is older – ha ha

    but seriously it`s a very good question you`re putting on the table. btw. one day my wife did ask me what she should do with all these units I have assembled in my listening room when I do depart into the real nirvana? My answer was you`ll give my blog partner a call and he will start an auction on Audio16.

    In this matter it may be a kind of philosophy or just focus how you approch High End units. Some of our friends are concentrating on rear end, some on the front end.
    I am happy with my speakers, pres, amps and all the other electronics. My playfield is PHONO while my digital system will remain more or less in the way it is established right now.
    Maybe you have discovered which table suits you best. Fine! For me it`s quite some fun experimenting with different tables, arms and carts. Just today I tested the difference between two true mono step ups, one we build ourselves on the bases of Jorgen Shou coils and the other one is designed & built by Miyajima sensei. I doubt you can do this with one table, one arm, one cart without changing the whole set up, returning to your favourite one cart and so on? I usually move to one of my other tables listening to music again and do return to my mono experimental field the other day. And there are of course other applications.

    Hmmm, which table will the be the last leaving me as there are TTs departing from time to time. I don`t know.
    which one you like most?




  3. E.,
    Ha! My wife stopped asking me! =) I am going to have to side with your blogging partner Tim. I love the EMT table. I personally feel it is probably the best at providing Pace, Pitch, and Power to the music. As for the arm? I like the EMT 997, though I realize this does limit your choice of cartridges. For now, I am enjoying my system and watching you and Tim experiment. I am curious years from now which will be the table you choose to keep?

    From Chicago


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