8 thoughts on “High End Munich 2015 "non-phono"

  1. E.,
    Thank you for the great photos! Love seeing reel to reel machines being displayed. I thought that I read that either Studer or maybe Nagra was going to introduce a new reel to reel deck during the show? Have you heard this too?

    From Chicago


  2. Norman,
    Studer and Nagra are not building any R2R anymore as far as I know. These are units of the golden age of recording.
    Only in the US (RMAF) I have seen a new model refering to the Studer design.
    btw. I am showing another image of the Tojo stand you were asking for.



  3. ahh, okay . but I haven`t seen any old/new manufacturer in the market so far. Maybe Michael Fremer founded a start up when he visited Switzerland the last time 🙂


  4. Eckart,
    It must be something else that Michael Fremer was talking about. I am familiar with J-Corder and United Home Audio. Both rebuilding Technics, TASCAM and Pioneer decks. I was hoping that the news Michael was talking about would come from either Studer or NAGRA. Living in Germany, I thought you would hear about them before we do here in the States.


  5. Norman,
    last week Mr. Lange who sells the MPS copies of e.g. Oscar Peterson or George Duke announced in a German magazine the planned project you are referring to. They would like to start with a playback model only (for 4000 Euro) and later on produce RtRs with recording function. No one really believes that it will happen – but let`s see…



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