fighting the evil

having enjoyed some wonderful records during the weekend you are returning one week later and are confronted with maybe this kind of situation:

dust 1

of course we´ll put the record into the washing machine quickly. After five minutes washing and 10 minutes cooling down (important as everyone knows!) we are able to enjoy good music again.

dust 2

We also work with cleanig apparatus like these ones shown here, with small vacuum cleaners and air blowers etc.:

dust 3

In the end the challenge fighting the dust will be ours again unless we`ll put it in the hands of a very talented service force – but who wants this?

I myself decided going for some especially designed covers for the tables at least for the “smaller ones” thus avoiding the problem a litttle. I know that some of my audio friends don`t like covers at all as it might look like living in a museum – and again you need to put the covers somewhere. So it will be a kind of compromise. let`s see…

dust 4

dust 5

dust 6

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