a great power supply

supporting both big bass drivers of the Bavarian Voice 88 this unique Power Supply is a crucial part of the speaker system.

Designed and built by someone who has quite some experience with speaker systems, especially vintage ones (see  13Audio.com).

It seems I have underestimated the appreciation of DC power!

Of course learning is very important in our field… and every little detail makes a difference – in Audio!

Nevertheless I still cannot believe which impact a serious power supply has on my field coil driver SupraVox 400 GT in my Bavarian Voice horn system. I am speechless…
This is a bespoke non regulated power supply with selenium rectification, massive choke and minimal capacitor smoothing. Field coils offer a very stable impedance load so thanks to careful calculation and implementation the power supply maintains steady constant voltage. It can range from 5 volts to 14 volts DC with a maximum capacity of 12a. My supravox field coils require approx 5a in a series configuration so we have sufficient headroom to allow a low stressed job for this power supply. The bass management which already is quite powerful and flexible got a more smooth and even more stable character.



PS BV 88

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