Studer Remote

remote 7remote 8These are two STUDER Parallel Remote Controls for the Studer A820.  I put the one in usage near the left rear corner of the listening room being positioned left besides of the chair. When intialising the remote control on the panel of the A820 (see the light)  it allows controlling the basic functions from the remote as well as from the A820 itself. Using a serial remote (the big one with the time counter) you need an interface (IF 1.820.729) behind the autolocator connection. In that case you can control all functions- including the shuttle knob. These Studer controls come with a wonderful haptic feeling when pressing the buttons.

remote 1

remote 5remote 2

2 thoughts on “Studer Remote

  1. Eckart,
    That is a wonderful feature. You don’t even have to leave your listening chair!
    This type of convenience will spoil you and make you move all of your turntables closer to you chair. =)



  2. Norman,
    this might be a good idea. Come on, we moved so much in our life…
    but wait a little, you will be surprised what will happen in this chain in the next days.
    stay tuned!



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