4 thoughts on “my favourite deck

  1. E.
    What a battle you are opening yourself up for! So many fine machines. Nakamichi 1000, 1000ZXL, Dragon, ReVox B215, Teac Z 7000, Sony TC-950ES, Tandberg 3004, Phase Linear 7000, Pioneer CT-A1… so many more. I can’t remember all the model numbers! Sad that these are no longer being manufactured. Yes, your Tandberg just may be the ultimate, but who can decide? I did recently find a source for NEW high quality cassettes. =)


  2. Norman,
    I see you are in this business! I am just testing the deck. Recorded some vinyl but did a mistake when having adjusted all recording settings properly and did a comparison on various A Night At The Opera pressings. The 30 anniversary Bob Ludwig cutting, MFSLand the 2015 Bob Ludwig cutting. I started the recording, went upstairs catering my dog. I returned half an hour later then playing the cassette and got purely shocked. It sounded like from a bad CD. Okay – when playing the record via my system it became clear it was not the deck despite the caps and some other new electronic parts need at least 50 hours burning in time. The new Queen reissues do sound terrible but no one is writing about it ???
    Good that I did not buy the box!!!!
    Need more testing on the Tandberg but a recording from good vinyl sounds quite impressive – without any Dolby.

    Norman, you may send me an e-mail. I am curious about your source…


  3. Eckart,
    I can see your many posts on Agon, but when I search in member look up you are not there. Not to worry as that is very common each time they update their site.

    Yes! The new Queen re-issues are terrible. All of them! I have found in many cases that the “first pressings” of many records are the best sounding and very quite as well. I have so many MFSL that are horrible. I don’t even seek them out anymore. Something has changed there over the years. I beleive it is the remastering, often times not from the 2″ masters but a digital copy, which one can never make sound right. By the way, the new Zeppelin reissues mastered by Jimmy Page are superb!

    The cassette source is a small company here in the States. Don’t be upset over the bad looking website. =). Their “studio master” cassette tape is the old BASF chrome formula and is really quite good, and for now the only source in the world for “new” cassette tapes. http://nationalaudiocompany.com/Audio-Cassette-Tapes-C1.aspx

    You have my email if you ever need to contact me directly.
    Keep the Tandberg! It is a fantastic machine!



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