it was about time

on my desk I have the first issue of MINT, a new vinyl magazine in Germany. It is more or less about background reports, dealing with people who have grown up in this metier, critics on vinyl and about record stores in Germany.
Published eight times a year the men & one woman (Martina Schoener) behind MINT intend to create a community platform motivating the ca. 200.000 vinyl afficionados in the German speaking countries exchanging ideas and opinions stimulating this niche market.

MINT is a nice mixture of vinyl culture. The background stories are a good read, the LP critics are too often just repeating what you can hear on the record instead of giving real critical remarks and the impression of the writers.
What I like most is that the magazine is not heavily packed with industry ads. Whenever you open a High End Magazine or even Blogs or Forums you are surrounded by advertising messages all the time, not speaking about the hidden sales message by the magazine writers (it may be their job…). Sometimes the space for content is smaller than the slogans being bought or addressed by the marketing guys.

Here (!) you see that the writers of MINT are addicted to the topic. Hope this will remain. It is a good start into the NEW YEAR 20—16!

Very Welcome!

Mint 1Mint 2Mint 3


3 thoughts on “it was about time

  1. Although I was born in Germany and have family there my German is terrible. (all of my family speak excellent English, French and Italian)

    We could use a magazine like this here in the US. Maybe they have an online addition that I can Google translate?

    Sprechen sie deutsch? Ich nix Deutsch. Or is it nicht? =|



  2. They just started it in this very rare language 🙂
    It could be an impulse for some English speaking “friends of mind”. I am sure the pressing industry and also the labels might have some motivation supporting an English Mint Edition, maybe also online…


  3. I would also like to subscribe but it doesn’t look like they offer shipping to the USA. Online would be more efficient but print can be nice also. An excuse to learn to read German!


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