The last warrior

the A 807 was the last studio machine Studer had built. This very successful design came with some advanced technologies. So e.g. a second tape tension scale (on the right side) wasn’t needed anymore. By savings on parts etc. Studer was able to make an attractive price allowing the clients ordering in larger numbers. On the shown MK II version with the serial number 14014  larger reels than on the MK I can be used. Therefore the distance of the tape motors taking up the reels is wider. You may put on the largest reel size.

No. 14014 is one of the last units of the series carrying a special head set, including a second play head for four track tapes. Pressing Shift and the tape B button activates the second play head on the right. My carpenter built new wooden side panels thus showing a similar body look as the A 820 on the left does. Using my two machines I am now able playing all formats also producing a backup copy of valuable tapes. I will use the two Studer machines for live music recordings in my room too.


807 -1807 -2807 -4807 -5.JPG807 -last

A 807 -6

A 807 very last

2 thoughts on “The last warrior

  1. Eckart,
    Honestly, I had a feeling it would be an A807. =) Some feel that this a lesser model than the A810, but this is not true at all. The A807 has seen many years of hard Radio, Studio, and Live recording use and it is not uncommon to see them in heavy use today.

    The ability to play 1/4 track tapes is a huge advantage. I do this myself by changing the plug in head stack in my RT1050.
    Some high end audiophiles don’t consider the 1/4 track format which is a big mistake. There are thousands of high quality 1/4 track tapes, most are better than their vinyl counterparts! Some of these tapes are extremely good. One just needs a high quality machine with proper alignment to realize this. Live recording is just a bonus, as this machine has over 28db of headroom! Unmatched by any other ‘portable’ reel to reel, and it can be programmed for 30ips!

    Congratulations, it’s a beautiful machine and an excellent choice.


  2. Norman,
    I see I am dealing with a tape connoisseur. Btw. one might not assume from the images but both machines can be easily rolled out of position on their carriage.



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