a good table deserves a good plinth…

Victor 30I did report on Audio16 about the restoration project of my Victor-101 DD table, also mentioning the challenge I had on finding the appropriate chip.

Finally when we succeded in bringing the Victor back into life (what a lifely and musically resurrection) I was looking for the appropriate plinth. Of course it should be made of slate.

My friend in Sydney delivered the masterplan. So it was easy to implement the plinth building by using the exact measurements I got. The slate stone used is a very special one coming with excellent vibration damping features.

The listening result is quite stunning. Maybe most people who are not aquainted with this “small looking direct drive” cannot imagine what this table is able to deliver – and best in a perfect matching plinth…


V 2V 3V 4V 5V 6V 7V last

2 thoughts on “a good table deserves a good plinth…

  1. Hi, it was cut out of one piece, the holes for the spikes were cautiously drilled and secured by an inlay with screw thread . It took me about 4 weeks. Wasn’t inexpensive…



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