Fallen Angels

A new record made for old men sitting in front of the open fireplace coming to a rest?

On Friday this week I read a brilliantly written article in the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung -FAZ” about Bob Dylan’s new record. For quite a while I haven’t had the pleasure enjoying such creative words despite it is a scathing criticism by the author Dietmar Dath.
It is not only about the music. The author is trying to involve the whole generation following Bob. As I am not a hardcore Dylan fan I pretty much like his music having grown up with him among other Rock-Veterans.

I bought the LP the same day as I wanted to check but could not listen to it until this (Sunday’s) evening being heavily engaged in building up some IKEA-book shelves over the weekend. For a man in his best years this was quite an effort. Maybe the speed went down a little compared to my student days but the real motivation was freeing the book shelves in my listening room getting more space for records. So it worked very well and I was curious if I would open a new storage compartment titled “For old men only”.

Okay, the new record, Fallen Angels: I have to commit every word the author has put together is true! It sounds “like it is an opportunistic radio afternoon, recorded in sleeve guards and long drawers”. On the positive side is the perfect recording and excellent pressing quality. But will this help? I am not sure whether I will find a place to store…
Anyone interested?

Fallen Angels

One thought on “Fallen Angels

  1. Ha! This post made me smile. This is a decision all record collectors face, which ones do you to keep? Dylan… For me that would be ‘Pat Garrett & Bill the Kid’, along with ‘Blood on Tracks’. Two Lps that I would never be without, though rarely ever listen too. You will find someone to give it too, as records are always great gifts. =)


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