Building a Speaker System – BV 8X

As I have seen so many different vintage and also modern designs on loudspeakers I did not believing my world of perception of horn systems would change some day. But one day based on exchanges  I decided developing my own speaker system and called it The Bavarian Voice 8X having lived long time in Japan I know the number 8 is a lucky one. It is a complete different design to everything I had experienced before – only the trumpet remained as a nice memory of one of my visits to England (audio friends are asking me all the time “ Is it the same design as the Vox Olympian?” – No, it is not!). It may look like the Vox Olympian but we have some improvements included.

BV Skizze

BV trumpet-01

Building a loudspeaker system like the Bavarian Voice 8X is a major project and of course one needs to learn from own previous experiences and from other concepts, too. Without the technological inspiration and advices of my friend in Paris and also without the expertise of my technical advisor who successfully has built his own speakers for quite a time, contributing a lot to many special circuits and interior design parts, without the exceptional building expertise of my carpenter at home in Bavaria you will not be able to arrange such a project. In the end it is the result which counts.


BV 093

A nice blending of  technology impacts of vintage horn speaker designs with modern beryllium drivers lead to a very special horn system – the Bavarian Voice 8X, including a sophisticated subwoofer system.

To explain the technical background without giving away any “secrets” on the subwoofer system:
The woofers are bandpass-boxer-impulse-compensated in sealed individual cabinets. 2 x 18″ double woofers (per side ) with 18Hz resonance frequency each. Amplifier is a German made amplifier with full DSP and w/special custom modification.
Delivers straight 1000W into 4 Ohms.

BV sub

Giving the very low x-over frequency to the bass horns, the airy, yet extremely powerful sound of the woofers blend nicely and without any trade-off regarding speed or dynamic provided by the bass expo-horn.
The point is, to let the bass horn lead the pace and avoiding giving the woofers a band which is too large.
The sealed bandpass woofers give an astonishing fast, natural and airy sonic performance with great authority and dynamics. Superb low level detail in the lowest octave.

coils are fixed with non magnetic bolts (non-magnetic chromium-nickel-stainless steel),  wood cores and sealed.if you look at the Mundorf silver coils and parts you can imagine that only one of the X-overs is far ahead 10 K Euros, if sold by a loudspeaker builder you will pay some 60 K for the X-overs only.

X-over 88

X-Over 88 inbound

The Bavarian Voice 8X is put on a special vibration control system including Harmonix TU-600 and TAOC  insulators. It is not only a system of granite platters, much more – this is a very detailed concept which took time in planning and lots of efforts at implementation. The Bavarian Voice 8X is a system, not only a speaker itself. If one would add the costs of the drivers for one speaker only you will have difficulties in getting an equivalent manufactured solution on the market at the moment.

Granit Skizze

granite base

BV 042

This speaker system works with all sources from vintage to hyper high end modern.

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