My Hero

“You are the primary audience for yourself” (Bill Evans)

Both boxes are superb, the 1984 (33 rpm) compilation as well as the reissues (45 rpm) from the original master tapes.
I just compared them intensively.
The 1984 compilation is a bit softer, the reissues a bit more dynamical (or louder), but this is just a slight difference.
The compilation comes with a wonderful book and contains all songs recorded by Riverside in a loose compilation while the reissues are containing the LPs.



One thought on “My Hero

  1. My all time favorite. I wanted to know do you hear the ‘test tone’ in the background of “When I fall in love” on ‘Portrait in Jazz’? Its on OJC-088 and RLP-1162. I would really like to find a version without this tone, which plays through the entire song. I have also never found anyone mentioning it.
    I am wondering if it is on the discs or tapes that you have?



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