Good Old Times

I remember my Nakamichi TX 1000 DD pretty well. It was a wonderful adventure having restored this unit I discovered in Hawaii, first loosening the leaking battery thus avoiding any future damage to the circuits.


The special centering technology uses two motors in the lower platter in this way moving the upper variable glass platter in the correct position as having measured the deviance of the spindle to the hole in the record by the golden side stick which runs the operation before the record is played.





The feet are air dampened. Nevertheless a good base is always needed if you are looking for serious decoupling.



You may use a second arm. I had prepared two more bases taking up a SAEC WE 8000 or a FR-66s.



2 thoughts on “Good Old Times

  1. I remember seeing a demonstration of this during the summer CES show in Chicago in 1985 or 86. During the demonstration they would take factory sealed LP’s open them and put them on the turntable. There was a large mirror above the turntable so that everyone could see the run out off center error from ‘New’ records. It was very impressive. We all thought that Nackamichi had another hit on their hands. Alas, with the new Compact Disc gaining ground the turntable didn’t sell well. It was very expensive when compared to a CD player. Your example looks perfect. I wonder why you sold yours? If anything they were great theatre to watch and they sounded very good!



  2. Indeed the TX 1000 is an iconiq table. Built by Micro Seiki the approved direct drive motor carried the Naka to a stable speed. Today you will see a successor in the TechDas II but with different features, no centering. I was always warned that the complex electronics of these old units couldn’t be repaired, spare parts difficult to get. I had no problems at all, also not with my Denon 100 M or my Victor 101 project. Due to space reasons and other forthcoming projects I had to sell the Naka as it happened with some of my other tables as well. Looking back I regret having separated from it, as well as of the Kelch Reference II with the two DaVinci arms.



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