3 thoughts on “Olympos

  1. I remember reading reviews of this very rare masterpiece. Many claiming that after listening that they were ruined for life because they had to return the Olympos back to Lyra. Though this isn’t the ‘top of the line’ for Lyra it is said to have the greatest ‘tone, depth and soundstage’ of any Lyra making speakers ‘disappear’ and musicians ‘appear’ in the room. Extremely limited with an initial production run of only ten pieces and a US price of over $10,000 a huge sum by any standards and obscene amount for 2008.
    Certainly Eckart, this must be among your one or two favorites cartridges.
    It is still spoken of and revered today and one of the finest cartridges ever made and often said to be without equal due to its unique design and materials. Designer Jonathan Carr claims this to be his personal favorite.

    I would imagine that this would be pure magic in the Cobra tonearm..



    • I had it in the Cobra, and it is magnificent Norman. You are right on this. As the Olympos tends to be on the soft side many underrate it when hearing it the first time. This is one of the carts I will probably not sell quickly.

      You know I have quite some units in my room, and also in a separate storage room – usually of the finest quality. I now secured the domain AudioCirc.Shop and will start in December to offer some of my beloved toys on this site.I hope to get some free space for future projects…



  2. Eckart,

    That is great news about the new site! Now I have to look around and see what I have left to sell! =) Restoring the EMT is costing a small fortune!

    Looking forward to hearing more about AudioCirc.Shop!


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