Something Big! – The CAELES Turntable


The Caeles system was presented 2 years ago at the High End in Munich. Behind it stays the ingenious developer Stephan Goetze of GECOM Technologies. Four units exist under the brand Physical Emotions, one is at Stephan’s home, one in Indonesia, the one on eBay is an early prototype version, and the unit which arrived at me last week.

Besides of the biconical air bearing, the fully air dampened support structure the sytem carries lots of inventions and brillant small ideas how to accomplish excellent sound results.

The music being transported by the Caeles, the fantastic SAEC 506/30 with new Ikeda silver cabelling and the Atlas via the Kondo phono chain is overwhelming. Full stop. In this line one can hear what the Atlas is able to do!

a96c4359-01  some parts – not all…6x0a4328-01

Exchangable tonearm basisa96c4362-01


3 thoughts on “Something Big! – The CAELES Turntable

  1. Eckart,
    You’re gonna need more space if you keep this up. =) Congratulations my friend. I can’t even imagine what that sound must be like!


  2. Thanks Norman,
    Oh yes, it will be some fun to test all features like the accu-power station etc. We played all tables and it’s exciting to hear the differences.What I need to do now is a kind of clearance sales 😏


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