Disc Flatter


for the first time I had to use my ORB /Air Tight Disc Flatter when I received a wonderful 13 pcs. collection of Art Tatum’s solo masterpieces. All records are clean but came with warps from the US.

The Air Tight Disc Flatter uses a unique heating technique which is applied with two semiconductor heater films, one on the top and one on the bottom. By thermally controlling the heating-up phase and cooling-down phase, the warped record is allowed to properly relax and return to its original flat state.

The machine heats only the outer edge and center of the record. The grooves are not heated and therefore their sonic shape is preserved.

The entire process takes four hours; two to heat up and two to cool down. The results are excellent. I was enjoying the flattened records during the Xmas days.


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