2 thoughts on “Telefunken M10

  1. Eckart,
    Why are the tape heads facing the wrong way? You would have to spool the tape inside out for this to work? Is there a benefit to spoiling the tape in this fashion?9

    Also, any further word on the new ReVox reel to reel? I still haven’t found anyone who is actually selling the machine.



  2. Norman,
    It is the so called German layer position which was used in the German big radio stations. Today we are using the international layer position, Studer, the US brands as well as the Japanese machines are coming with. All Telefunken R2Rs are designed like this. When Studer took over Telefunken they produced the Telefunken German layer position with the A816 to satisfy the demand of the German big radio stations. You may imagine what it could mean to respool all the stored tapes when moving to the international standard.

    Regarding the new Revox machine I have no more information. You may contact:
    As this is a project of lutz-precision which is a mayor car supplier Volker Lange would be the man to contact.
    Send him greetings.



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