4 thoughts on “Digital Living Together

  1. Eckart,

    How about an M4 and a roll of Fuji Astia. =) Or, better yet a Leica IIIf and a Carl Zeiss 50/2 Sonnar my favorite lens of all time with some T-Max?. I suppose I prefer an analog world.



  2. Norman,
    I am using Leica II, IIIg, M3 and M7. ZEISS lenses are excellent. I am using Otus and Batis (Sonnar 1.8 and Distagon 2.25). Nevertheless the latest LEICA Apo lenses (50, 75) are delivering stunning results too. And of course 400 TMax! How could you believe I am relying only on digital? 🤣


  3. Eckart,

    I remember you telling me about your M7 and some others so I already knew you were a collector of fine cameras. It does surprise me though how few people remember the magic of film, and how fewer still actually shoot film.

    As one who photographs for a living and uses digital most of the time, film is so refreshing and honest, much the same way good analog is.

    Your photography by the way is excellent.



  4. Thanks Norman,
    as I am only an amateur showing here are images of fixed installations. You might know even better that the real challenge is in street and landscape fotography. Travelling abroad I am always excited about the colours I am confronted with e.g. in South East Asia. The Leica and Zeiss lenses do support good results in these scenes, especially on film. And: no photoshopping makes it even more challenging. That’s the fun it’s all about.



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