8 thoughts on “Redefining Middle Format

  1. Eckart,
    What is the image sensor size this camera? I love medium format cameras, reflecting on my old wonderful Hasselblad 501 and Zeiss lenses, or my Mamiya RB67, or Fuji and Bronica 645s.. All wonderful. Professionally I’ve been using Sony along with Zeiss and Minolta Rokkor prime lenses with excellent results.

    I see you too have a weakness for fine cameras having noted your Canon’s, Leica’s and Sony’s. Your photography is excellent by the way and very much appreciated.



  2. Norman,
    The image sensor is huge, it’s got 51,4 MB. I put an image on the site. What is so fantastic with the middle format is the clarity and solution it provides. When you enlarge the image and do wait a while you see all details.
    Thanks for the rewards I may reverse to a professional camera user 🤣



  3. what I still miss is more stabilized lenses… to use the quality on trips, in holidays… and i do not like the 4:3 format of the 43.8 x 32.9mm sized sensor. Leica made a native 3:2 with its S cameras… so on the road still Sony A7RII is the king… Anyway Fuji glas was always excellent.


  4. Gentlemen,

    Yes the Sony 7RII is nice, as is the a99II. Still, there is a magic when shooting film and doing a high resolution scan that digital cannot match. Never part with your M2, M4, M6, R3, XE, Fuji 645, Hasselblad 501’s.



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